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Following procedures are in place:
1. The use of ticket machine and waiting room remain forbidden;
2. No more than 3 people waiting in line inside building 210 maintaining physical distancing measures at all times;
3. The wearing of a mask inside the Building 210 is highly recommended;
4. Renewal of Protocol ID and vehicle registration CANNOT be completed before the extension of the AMIS Badge. This process requires several bookings.

In order to maintain the highest degree of service and to free time slots for others, we request our customers cancel appointments they are unable to attend through the link provided in their confirmation Email. The Registration Section Staff will cancel double or multiple appointments made for the same purpose.

Only authorized personnel can request a visitor access pass using the SHAPE form 550 that must be submitted to the Information Desk located in Building 102 no later than five working days prior to the guests arrival. Sponsors must ensure they greet their guests at the Visitor's Office located at Berlin Gate and are responsible for ensuring that their guests respect all SHAPE Directives.

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