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All SHAPE members must get their SHAPE ID related to their status.
Members of the civilian component and their dependents, dependents of military personnel, “single” military personnel with dependent children must be registered within 3 months after arrival through a Belgian Protocol ID Card. (Mandatory)
Military members may apply but are not obliged.
The BEL Protocol ID Card is a valid proof of your residence in Belgium and it facilitates travelling in the Schengen Zone

Due to the increase in personnel as part of NATO Command Structure Adaptation (NCS-A) this year, the Family Support & Central Processing Branch are experiencing an unprecedented number of customers visiting the Registration Section to conduct In/Out Processing over this summer period, which has meant increased waiting times for personnel and their families. We are aware of the problem and have listened to what our customers have had to say and in the short term we have increased the number of tickets available from 30 to 40 tickets per day, which will enable us to process more customers.

We are working on innovative ways to improve the situation in the longer term; meanwhile, did you know that once you have taken a ticket from the machine in the Registration Office you don’t have to wait around if your number is not up next? You can view the live FSCEP Waiting Room feed to see what number ticket is ‘up next’ by going to: SHAPE2Day Arriving/Leaving That way you can save time and avoid waiting in line so you can make the most of your day. If you have any comments or suggestions about our service you may contact us using the ‘Contact Form’ on the Shape2Day Website or by emailing us at DOMBSG@shape.nato.int.

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