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International Military Police


    Bldg. 102 Info Desk
   065 44 3333



IMP Sergeant Major

   065 44 3350


   065 44 3351

Community Police

    065 44 5353

The SHAPE International Military Police partner with Host Nation Law Enforcement, to provide a quality police force, security, and emergency services to maintain a safe and secure environment for the SHAPE Community.

Community Police

Working with all sections of the Provost Marshal’s Office and maintaining close links with SHAPE Federal Police, the Community Police are responsible for building relationships and maintaining links with the SHAPE community, encouraging both to work together toward the common goals of improving security, law enforcement, crime reduction, and safety. The SHAPE community has a right to have an input into its own well-being, and indeed, the solution to many security/crime related issues often comes from the community itself. By supporting the Police and providing information, the community becomes a partner in public safety. The International Military Police are visible at SHAPE and are always accessible to the SHAPE Community. The Community Police are the link between the community and police; to talk about concerns, provide assistance to organisations or groups, or to answer any questions you may have.

Traffic Section

SHAPE International Military Police Traffic Section is responsible for all traffic related matters on the SHAPE installation and to provide assistance to the SHAPE community by promoting safety through traffic enforcement and promoting safe driving principles.
    Bldg. 102 Room 122
   065 44 3352

Caravan-Trailer Parking

The SHAPE Support Group Transportation Section offers a limited number of slots within the yard of the international Motor Pool to SHAPE members living on or off base. All slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. A waiting list will be maintained if necessary. Applications for a caravan, trailer or motor home parking space are to be made through SHAPE Morale and Welfare Branch: Bldg. 207, Room 118 A-2, Tel. 065 44 8340

Resale Lot Information

'Auto a Vendre' permits are available through the Police Information Desk in Bldg. 102 to SHAPE ID card holders who wish to sell second-hand vehicles on SHAPE. All vehicles must be parked in the 500 Area (Carrefour parking lot) in the reserved area with the permit displayed.

Authorized Taxis

SHAPE authorizes four local companies to access the SHAPE installation as an alternative means of transportation. Three taxi services and one airport shuttle service. Regular taxis are not authorized in the 100 area. The shuttle service HG Travel-Autos is allowed in the 100 area. All taxis are authorized to provide services from the 200 to the 900 areas. If you are entering SHAPE in one of the four authorized taxi companies, the driver must show the proper identification and each passenger in the vehicle must show their SHAPE identification card. Failure to follow any of these procedures will result in the taxi not being authorized to enter the installation.

Taxis Willy: 0497/49.60.00 (English speaking dispatcher) or 065/31.98.08 (French speaking dispatcher)
Taxi Top: 065/84.24.06 (English or French speaking dispatchers)
Taxi Philippe: 0473/79.89.23 (St-Ghislain) or 0474/69.22.72 (Mons)
Travel Autos Airport Shuttle Service: 068/28.51.36 (English or French dispatcher)

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Rue Grande
7010 Mons

Base Support Group

Attn: Office of Communication & Community Affairs
B-7010 SHAPE