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military police Investigations


    Bldg. 102 Room 205
   065 44 3727 or 3627


Mon – Thu: 08:30 – 17:30
Fri: 08:30 – 15:30

The SHAPE Provost Marshal Investigations Section is responsible for administrative investigations as directed by the Bas Support Group Commander and SHAPE Provost Marshal. The Investigations Section is also responsible for crime reduction studies, and to maintain a safe and secure environment for the SHAPE Community.

SHAPE Anti-Drug & Alcohol Campaign

More than ever, drug and alcohol abuse are significant problems that affect juveniles. Often they begin to experiment with alcohol, tobacco and drugs during their middle school years and by the time they reach high school they are well acquainted with this "world”. Excessive drinking or binge drinking and furthermore, use of marijuana is increasing at a substantial rate. Many educators recognize that drug and alcohol abuse among students is a significant barrier when it comes to achieving educational objectives. Thus it is clear that schools must focus on drug and alcohol abuse education and prevention activities. 

As part of the SHAPE Anti-Drug & Alcohol Campaign, every year the Base Support Group Provost Marshal Office hosts a poster design contest with two distinct categories 'hand drawing' and 'graphic art' open to all SHAPE International School students from 6th to 12th grade.  Awesome prizes will be awarded to the best classified posters. Before the beginning of the contest, flyers with all the information and rules will be available at the schools, the community police and in all the common areas (youth center, pizza bowl, cinema, rendez-vous, library, etc.).

If you do have a drinking and/or drug problem and you think that you may need advice and/or help, here is some useful information worth considering:

Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (USA personnel only)

   065 32 5320 or 5383
   566 5320 or 5383 (DSN)

Service Prévention Ville de Mons Programme Assuétudes

   Rue de la Seuwe 15, Mons
   065 319 019

Alcoholics Anonymous  International Baptist Church

   Chemin du Prince 284, Jurbise
   0479 830 187

Alcooliques Anonymes

    Rue de la Seuwe 15, Mons
   078 152556

SHAPE Chapel

   065 44 6037

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