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All events announced could be postponed or cancelled due to security reasons related to COVID-19 outbreak.
Do you want to organize an event at SHAPE? Click here to download the request form.
Email your Event Requests to: DOMBSG@shape.nato.int


RIS will be CLOSED on Friday, 01 May
Pizza Bowl will be OPEN on Friday, 01 May
Face Coverings Sale
Silver Spoon Reopens Wednesday, 20 May
Le Rendez-Vous Reopens Monday, 25 May
RIS will be CLOSED on THU, 21 MAY
Outdoor Recreation Reopens Monday, 25 May
Make A Wish: The Virtual Edition

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Rue Grande
7010 Mons

Morale and Welfare

Attn: Community Events and Communication Mgmt
B-7010 SHAPE