Spanish Feria 2022 on 14 May! Get your ticket!

From: 2022/05/14 - 11:00 Till: 2022/05/14 - 22:00

On 14th of May! "Spanish Feria"  will open again its doors to the SHAPE Community.

Enjoy the best Spanish gastronomy, a variety of tasty “tapas” and paella, together with beverages, beer, “sangría”, "rebujito"…

You will be able to enjoy live performances of traditional dances, Rumbas, Bulerías and Sevillanas, conducted throughout the day by the Spanish Community and a Sevillana dance group in Belgium.

For only 10€ you will get a drink and a tapa or paella and of course, a lot of fun. Bring all your family, kids 12 and under are FREE.

Presale tickets on 20 and 27 of April, 4 and 11 of May at Carrefour market, here in SHAPE, and at the Silver Spoon. If you decide to join to our Feria we recommend you to buy the tickets in advance because the number will be limited.

The Spanish Community is looking forward to seeing you in this year’s edition of SHAPE#s most colorful and joyful event.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to enjoy a part of the rich Spanish culture, traditions and gastronomy!!!

We will organize a Fund raffle in support of the people of Ukraine.

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