The Cook Book SHAPE Edition 2021

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Dear Ladies,
We are very proud to announce a new SHAPE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S CLUB (SIWC) project: 
The Cook Book SHAPE Edition 2021!
... and no, this is not just another boring cookbook.

First - we will create this book together.
Second - this is a great memento of the unforgettable time at SHAPE with our International community.
Third - you will always find the answer to the question: What should I cook today?

And last but not the least: it’s a lot of fun! Let’s start!

Send us your favorite National Recipes on

Recipe submission requirements:
- Must be in English
- Must have your Name and Nationality; for example: Maria Mustermann, Germany
- Must fall under one of the following categories:

Appetiziers and Beverages - Soups and Salads - Vegetables and Side Dishes - Main Dishes - Desserts - Cookies -Breads and Rolls

- Pictures are very welcome (please send separately attached in a high resolution)

Thank you very much in advance for your participation in this beautiful project: Deadline February 20

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