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AION Customer Survey Results

The AION Customer Survey was launched on 20 August 2020 until the end of September on the SHAPE2DAY website. It was advertised throughout MWB media outlets. The aim was to get a feedback from the SHAPE Community in terms of satisfaction and practical knowledge of this particular service.

The results showed a relatively high average of customers unsatisfied with some of the services provided, such as simple transactions (long waiting time for making an appointment, making own transactions at the office or via the online App, opening a bank account, and receiving the credit/debit card). 

1. Most of the people is dissatisfied with the services provided by AION such as:

- Transaction for making an appointment
- Transaction for opening an AION Bank Account
- Time spent for opening an AION Bank Account and making an appointment
- Time spent for receiving the credit/debit card
- Make own transactions at the AION Bank Office at SHAPE or with the AION Bank Online App.

Most of the people is dissatisfied with the services provided by AION

2. The 63% of people surveyed do not know who is AION POC for claims and questions; also, the 76% do not know the procedure to file a complaint. 

3. The 69% of people surveyed have not recently lodged a complaint. This may be due to the lack of knowledge about who to do it. The 31% of people surveyed answered “Yes”. These people have lodged a complaint at the AION-SHAPE Office Bank (to the bank staff/manager) and by email (to the AION email address).

4. Most of the people surveyed (73%) are dissatisfied with the customer experience offered by the AION Bank.

Furthermore, the 75% of people surveyed will not recommend the services provided by the AION Bank: This people are considered as detractors (unhappy customers who are unlikely to buy/contract services again from you and may even discourage others from buying/contracting from you).

Satisfaction level with your experience with AION Bank

In general, the people surveyed are dissatisfied with the services provided by AION and they will not recommend it to other people
(73% and 75%, respectively)

Knowledge of the procedure in order to file a complaint

76% of people surveyed do not know the procedure to file a complaint

If you want to lodge a complaint, problem, make any suggestion or point something out to any one of the Commercial Activities:

- Contact the director/manager by phone. Information is available on the SHAPE2DAY website and the SHAPE Newcomers’ Guide.

If you consider that you have not received a satisfactory response to your request:

- Submit a written summary of the case to the Base Support Group (BSG) Concessionaire Quality Assurance Service Officer, Mr. Thierry Weymers to the following email address: thierry.WEYMERS@shapemwb.be with copy to: DOMBSGMOW@shape.nato.int who will try to seek/pursue a suitable resolution to the case.

From Community Events and Communication Section we want to thank you very much for participating in the completion of this survey.
Your continued support will allow us to continuously improve our activities and customer service, creating the right positive synergy amongst the community patrons and the activities supporting you.

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